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12 Tips for Eating at Disney and Other Theme Parks

I have 10 Grandchildren.

We take them to Disney each year and it can get expensive when you have to buy food for usually 6 or 8 at a time.

I know…it is a vacation. Just the same you may want to save a few dollars of your food bill. Here are a few things I have learned.


1 - Pack Your Backpack
When PLANNING THE VACATION BE SURE TO BRING THE BACKPACKS. We sometime forget and have to purchase them there in Orlando… can be expensive. Assume you are packing a backpack for an overnight stay at your parents when you head out for the day. Pack unsalted protein snacks instead of buying a lot of fast food items throughout the day. Bringing along refillable water bottles. Coke and other items to purchase at the park can be expensive. Water, multi grain bars, cheese, crackers, chocolate and unsalted bisques are great. Take Zip lock bags. I always take a small garbage bag…they are handy to have.
2 - Pack the Right Clothes

Be sure to bring the right clothes. Check out the weather forecast
Be sure the kids have a hat
Bring extra Sun Screen
Throw in a bathing suit if they are going to go on wet rides
Bring a good camera

3 - Free Food
Watch for signs saying that kids eat free when accompanied by an adult.
4 - Do the Research
Try to decide beforehand on where you plan to eat. Researching menus and prices is worth the time when budgeting for your Universal Studio or Disney Park trip. Avoid spending money on park meals that are not in the many food courts. Some snacks like wraps can be prepared in your hotel room before you go.
5 - Eat Breakfast before you go
If you are using one of the great condos or houses that are shown on our partners Just Florida Vacation Rentals site then you will be all set. If not….your hotel will probably have a kitchenette or microwave and small refrigerator. So stock up on breakfast foods, soups, hotdogs, and other microwavable foods. This will cut your food costs drastically during your Disney vacation. There is a Mc Donald’s and a Burger King with in 1 mile of each site.
6 - Avoid Peek Meal Times
Try to eating a late lunch rather than an early dinner then snack in your hotel room later. Menu prices are less at lunch. We often leave for pizza on the way home…the kids love it and the cost is less than a third.

7 - Purchase a Refillable Disney Mug

When staying in an All-Star Disney hotel, ask about purchasing a refillable mugs when you arrive. The mugs can usually be refilled for free during the rest of your stay.
8 - Keep the Leftovers
Most restaurants in Florida serve large portions. Bring along a lunch bag and have zip lock plastic bags handy to help separate food which can be enjoyed later. No fish or chicken though.
9 - For the expensive roof top Restaurant….Try Dessert Only

If the restaurant is too expensive, but that you would love to dine there, just drop in for coffee and dessert instead of a full meal.

10 - Don’t send the children
Go to the line up yourself….and if possible leave the children with your partner. You don’t want a child to get lost or frightened by being alone in a line up.
11 - Stand Up Meals
Epcot's universal dining options, offer you a chance to try different foods without going to expensive sit-down restaurants…and it saves time. It's economical fun and different.
12 - Enjoy the Unique Restaurants

We like to eat special meals at other occasions, not at the theme park. First look through the menu. The folks at the door are friendly and they will give you the menu, or it may be posted on the wall near the entrance. Be sure it is child friendly if you have the children.

Check the wait time. Be sure you will not miss some rides or shows while eating.

Be sure you map out you daily items to visit and have a great time. Please tell your friends about our web site. Orlando Discount Tickets

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